Advanced lean gain cycle

For graduate students only, with a preference for engineering and science majors. Emphasis on managing high-growth, early-stage enterprises, especially those with innovation-based products and services. Students work in teams to develop skills and approaches necessary to becoming effective entrepreneurial leaders and managers. Topics include assessing risk, understanding business models, analyzing key operational metrics, modeling cash flow and capital requirements, evaluating sources of financing, structuring and negotiating investments, managing organizational culture and incentives, managing the interplay between ownership and growth, and handling adversity and failure. Limited enrollment. Admission by application. Recommended: basic accounting.

Heath Miller is the Building Trades Supervisor over the Energy Center and tunnel distribution systems covering more than two miles at the State of Michigan secondary Complex. Heath worked in the private sector for several years and joined the Building Operations Division in 2011. He maintains a mechanical license, a refrigeration license and a Building Operator Certification and has over 15 years of experience in the HVAC field. He leads innovative programs and has a skilled crew of mechanics, power plant operators, and one electrician to guarantee the complex’s on-site energy generation is flexible and functioning at peak efficiency, mitigating our operating costs and maximizing returns.

I try to apply “lean thinking” into all aspects of life, not just to work and certainly not just to construction projects (if you ever meet me in person, ask me to tell you how I manage my family’s weekly grocery list). When trying to inspire lean thinking in others, I encourage them to pick something that bugs them – it doesn’t matter what it is – and work their way backwards from there. The goal is to make life easier by reducing waste and/or add value; finding ways to simplify the process by speeding up or eliminating steps and handoffs wherever possible.

Advanced lean gain cycle

advanced lean gain cycle


advanced lean gain cycleadvanced lean gain cycleadvanced lean gain cycleadvanced lean gain cycleadvanced lean gain cycle