Diana lol papercraft

We somehow roped ourselves into inviting my whole family over for Fathers Day, and spent the two weeks before that freaking out and doing our best to declutter, right up to the day everyone came over. We wound up just hiding some stuff or shoving things in the back of closets just to get them out of the way–but I let that be okay, as long as I came back to it later, which I did! Much to my shock, my whole family — which includes two neat freaks, including my dad, was really impressed with our place. Since then, my wife & I made a goal to try to keep the place as neat as possible. I make an effort not to let mail pile up, to shred or recycle stuff right away — no more putting off decisions! I know it’s only been a few weeks, but so far so good!

Diana lol papercraft

diana lol papercraft


diana lol papercraftdiana lol papercraftdiana lol papercraftdiana lol papercraftdiana lol papercraft