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Diana, I have fallen in love with not only the characters in your Outlander story, but also with your writing. I’ve been writing my own personal erotic stories for years just to satisfy my own desire to create different passionate exchanges between lovers – I was so pleased to read your brief “How To” as I agree with everything you say a good sex scene is – and isn’t. I also think this is exactly why I can “scarcely breathe” when I watch the sex scenes between Jaime and Claire in the series on Stars. I love that even though I don’t know you, I get you!

Surely Whatsapp has security threat, most recent someone automatically deleted whatapp along with some other apps and it happened middle of the night and when i wake up in the morning i thought i accidentally deleted then i reintalled whatsapp again, and then i came to know that some messages sent to group from my phone, how is this possible? i contacted whatsapp and they saying the thirdparty applications that installed my phone might did that, so what they saying is that the third parties can hack into whatsapp, so where is the security?

Diana lol pro youtube

diana lol pro youtube


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