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This makes me sad in a sense. My Venus is in Scorpio and I have suffered in my love relationships. I feel like it is getting better though. My first relationship between the age of 17 – 21 was quite abusive. I had to leave the state, and even after that he stalked me. I met a man in my mid-20s that I thought I would marry and spend my life with. Unfortunately, he became severely depressed and never recovered. I left him after four years together. Months later, he committed suicide. It has effected me deeply because I knew he loved me and I almost feel like I let him down. Thinking about it, it was inevitable that he would attempt to take his life. Even though the circumstances were different, the relationship was doomed from the start. The first one was doomed because it was unhealthy and I was not staying. I am in a relationship now and he is wonderful to me, but the passion is not there. I love him dearly and he has been the best boyfriend I’ve had, but this one may not go far because I crave that deep, soul connection. My current boyfriend has most of his signed in Libra. I am a Taurus Ascendant, Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, Scorpio Mercury, Scorpio Venus, and Leo Mars. I should also mention I am in love with another man, but from afar. He is not available at all, but a twisted part of me wants to wait for him to be available as I admire him from afar. He doesn’t know that I love him, but there is an attraction between us. Venus is Scorpio is a bit of a curse. After all of this suffering, I am waiting for the blessings of this sign.

Tried this miraculous product and I’m honestly in love with their entire skincare line now! Their treatment of impurities is fantastic, not joking just softly massaging my skin in circles with their cleanser and suddenly all my dead skin was coming out and my skin was looking flawless for a week, so crazy how that worked, totally recommend you all to try it. I’ve tried millions of products to get rid of acne and black spots including charcoal masks and biore, this was the first product that actually got them out. Never thought a product with gold and caviar could do something so impressive!

I know this is an old post but I ran across it when researching my acne. I’ve had acne for years and am currently taking 100mg of spiro. I don’t like taking it because it does give me some anxiety and it hasn’t 100 percent cleared my acne. I am still getting cysts on my chin and ive been on it since May. I haven’t gone back to the derm because I feel she just wants to put me on meds and not even test my blood or anything. Do you know if its safe to take Dim and spiro at the same time? I cant find anything online about it.

Diana lol ro

diana lol ro


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