Dry lean cycle

I race a Porsche 356 (racecar) 1620 cc four cylinder engine. I run /1 compression. My Solex carbs (a 2 barrel for each two cylinders) run 160 main jets and 160 air correction jets. I must be close to /1 fuel air mixture because the car runs good, the plugs look good, the exhaust looks good. I’m thinking about experimenting with 112 octane Exxon Oxygenated fuel and I don’t have access to a dyno. If the fuel has 10 percent oxygen I assume I would need 10 percent larger main jets like maybe 175 mains or I guess I could use smaller air correction jets. The fuel I use now is 110 octane race gas non oxygenated.
How should I determine that correct /1 mixture.

If cycle times vary widely, whether from cycle to cycle, or from person to person, it is an indication that there is something wrong with the process. On occasion, you will have one person who can’t seem to keep up. Make sure you observe the operator before you to jump to conclusions. In all likelihood, the person is slower because he is not following the process, not because he can’t do the work. In most cases, this is a training problem, meaning the operator doesn’t know the right way. That’s not the operator’s fault. It’s yours. 

Dry lean cycle

dry lean cycle


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