How to make liquid proviron

Are you keeping it hot while you’re trying to dilute it Jennifer? This may be part of the problem. Any soap that’s not diluted gets cooked more as the heat continues. It may get to more of a plastic type stage and not be able to be diluted at all. For the best results, pour some of the water/glycerin in while hot and then shut it off. Stir once in a while. When it cools, turn it on just until it gets hot again, then shut it off again. This way may take longer as it can be done over several days, but then you won’t overcook the soap paste. Hope this helps!

The phase diagram explains why liquids do not exist in space or any other vacuum. Since the pressure is zero (except on surfaces or interiors of planets and moons) water and other liquids exposed to space will either immediately boil or freeze depending on the temperature. In regions of space near the earth, water will freeze if the sun is not shining directly on it and vapourize (sublime) as soon as it is in sunlight. If water exists as ice on the moon, it can only exist in shadowed holes where the sun never shines and where the surrounding rock doesn't heat it up too much. At some point near the orbit of Saturn, the light from the sun is too faint to sublime ice to water vapour. This is evident from the longevity of the ice that composes Saturn's rings.

And to discuss your “major concerns” about seals. Seals are cheap and plentiful, much cheaper than a new washing machine. Expecting them to last forever if you don’t use vinegar, is like expecting your mobile phone to last forever if you don’t use it. It will die, regardless. And just like repairing a head gasket on an older car for a couple of hundred dollars, or getting so paranoid about something “old” that it makes it scary, and thus deciding to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new car!!! Lets not mention getting a loan for this privilege, to pay someone back with interest! WTF??? Cutting your nose off to spite your face or what!!!! Spend a couple of hundred to maintain what you have, and contribute less to consumerism and a throw away mentality society, – its a no brainer. So, if your seal goes, REPLACE IT! You hardly qualify for a whinge if that’s the least of your worries! It’s like whinging about a tap washer!!!! WHY??? It’s so small, just do it and get over it!!!! If a seal needs replacing – hardly due to diluted minute amounts of vinegar in any case – these things WILL wear out eventually as most REPLACEABLE PARTS DO and WERE DESIGNED TO DO. They don’t live forever! Just replace em! Just don’t blame perishable goods (seals) lifespans on diluted vinegar that is almost % water! Don’t forget, manufacturers make replaceable goods like seals for a reason: they figure – either you get smart and replace them,,,, or like the majority of scared people who have no trade knowledge and don’t want the “”hassle”” (lol) of maintenance, they know they will just “go out and buy another”… it’s the same with cars. Or most practical items. Manufacturers use short lifespan items knowing it’s one tiny little part that makes people freak out / get lazy and buy another washing machine or whatever it was… they bank on, and feed off, people’s ignorance and laziness.

How to make liquid proviron

how to make liquid proviron


how to make liquid provironhow to make liquid provironhow to make liquid provironhow to make liquid provironhow to make liquid proviron