Lean cycle counting

Comments: This is a very exciting area for improvements in manufacturing generally. Some Rapid Prototyping software and devices are maturing to the point where it is starting to become possible in the near future that we will be telling computers to “make a basketball” or “make a fuel injection system.” Pardon the reference to Star Trek, but some of the equipment we have seen begins to resemble the “Replicator” technology that sits on most countertops (much like a microwave), in the crew quarters on the Starship Enterprise.

Hi Jill: Thank you for responding! Yes, you need to account for all macros you eat and try and match your own meals to those in the app. There is a bit of a learning curve to macro tracking, but once you learn how to do it, it gets much easier. And if you can repeat meals during the week, that will help also. And yes, foods like peanut butter that have all 3 macros can make it even trickier. Try choosing foods that are more straight protein + fat or protein + carb, and that can make things easier also. One other thing that can help is to remember that breakfast is a protein + carb + fat, high carb meals are a protein + carb, and low carb meals are a protein + fat. Yes, there will be a few carbs in what you choose for low carb meals, and a bit of fat in what you choose for high carb meals, but these formulas might be helpful as you’re getting started. And we’re adding more meals to the app all of the time, and these are all figured out for you macro-wise. I hope this helps, and please let us know if you have further questions. You can do this!

Lean cycle counting

lean cycle counting


lean cycle countinglean cycle countinglean cycle countinglean cycle countinglean cycle counting