Mast prop frequency

Okie Dokie. An opening salvo in a debate is best served as a knife to the heart of the matter. When simple blunt head in the sand stupidity is the cause of the problem which is generating the debate, call it like it is and then back it up with fact, after fact after fact etc. Back in the early 60’s a California State Senator introduced a bill which said after 1980(?) I think it was, the internal combustion engine would be outlawed in California. Pretty ballsey. BUT the State Senator was correct. It MUST happen and happen sooner than later. Same applies to Coal Power generation. HAS TO STOP. There is no such thing as clean coal.

The quantification and control of reactive species (RS) in atmospheric pressure plasmas (APPs) is of great interest for their technological applications, in particular in biomedicine. Of key importance in simulating the densities of these species are fundamental data on their production and destruction. In particular, data concerning particle-surface reaction probabilities in APPs are scarce, with most of these probabilities measured in low-pressure systems. In this work, the role of surface reaction probabilities, γ , of reactive neutral species (H, O and OH) on neutral particle densities in a He–H 2 O  radio-frequency micro APP jet (COST- APPJ) are investigated using a global model. It is found that the choice of γ , particularly for low-mass species having large diffusivities, such as H, can change computed species densities significantly. The importance of γ even at elevated pressures offers potential for tailoring the RS composition of atmospheric pressure microplasmas by choosing different wall materials or plasma geometries.

Thanks for point that out, I should rewrite the FAQ so that it is a little more specific. The J-Pole antenna is a half wave vertical antenna, and can be mounted to a metal or non-metal mast without affecting it’s performance. The antenna pictured at the top of my FAQ page is the 2 meter Slim Jim antenna. Both antennas are similar in that they use a J style matching system consisting of a 1/4 wave stub, but the difference between the two is that the Slim Jim is a half wave folded dipole antenna. It performs best if it is isolated from the mast. That’s why I provide a short section of PVC pipe to use as an insulator.

Mast prop frequency

mast prop frequency


mast prop frequencymast prop frequency