Mast prop steroid

I recently ran the bomb labs mast prop and honestly be,I've its the best mast I have ever used. I was pinning 80mg eod and within a few hours after every injection I got a big spike in my sex drive. It was to the point I was like a raging animal, I was walking around with half a hard on and needed sex immediately. This happened consistently several hours after every shot. The mast also brought out some nice vascularity, I had more veins in my arms than usual and I got two veins bulging in my mid section. Those veins only come out when I'm real vascular. Luckily for me I don't get any negative sides from mast and never noticed a single hair fall out,

Sounds like you’ve done your foot work Big Miike. Im on a 16 week cycle ( 5 weeks in) using test cypionate750 mg wk, Eq 700mg wk and Deca 500 mg week all by a Domestic source here in the . named Advanced Elite Labs. Not much to shout about…very vascular( EQ Im assuming) but not much weight gain. In fact I think I havent gained more than 5lbs so far. Im thinking I may have to extend my cycle when AEL gear is gone and jump ship to my backup gear. I have EQ from Geneza Pharm, Test Cypionate from Thaiger Pharm so lets wish me better luck. Never heard of Dunning…gonna look it up

25) http:///cgi/content/full/184/2/136
Salivary cortisol response to awakening in chronic fatigue syndrome Amanda D. L. Roberts, PhD The British Journal of Psychiatry (2004) 184: 136-141 Background There is accumulating evidence of hypothalamic—pituitary — adrenal (HPA) axis disturbances in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). The salivary cortisol response to awakening has been described recently as a non-invasive test of the capacity of the HPA axis to respond to stress. The results of this test correlate closely with those of more invasive dynamic tests reported in the literature; furthermore, it can be undertaken in a naturalistic setting.  Aims To assess the HPA axis using the salivary cortisol response to awakening in CFS.   Method We measured salivary cortisol upon awakening and 10, 20, 30 and 60 min afterwardsin 56 patients with CFS and 35 healthy volunteers.
Results Patients had a lower cortisol response to awakening, measured by the area under the curve.  Conclusions This naturalistic test of the HPA axis response to stress showed impaired HPA axis function in CFS.

Mast prop steroid

mast prop steroid


mast prop steroidmast prop steroidmast prop steroidmast prop steroidmast prop steroid