Mesterolone pharmacology

In one small scale clinical trial of depressed patients, an improvement of symptoms which included anxiety, lack of drive and desire was observed. [23] In patients with dysthymia , unipolar , and bipolar depression significant improvement was observed. [23] In this series of studies, mesterolone lead to a significant decrease in luteinizing hormone and testosterone levels. [23] In another study, 100 mg mesterolone cipionate was administered twice monthly. [24] With regards to plasma testosterone levels, there was no difference between the treated versus untreated group, and baseline luteinizing hormone levels were minimally affected. [24]

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The androgenic effects of tibolone have been postulated to be involved in the reduced breast cell proliferation , reduced breast cancer risk, improvement in sexual function , less unfavorable changes in hemostatic parameters relative to estrogen–progestogen combinations, and changes in liver protein synthesis (., 30% reductions in HDL cholesterol levels, 20% reduction in triglyceride levels, and 50% reduction in SHBG levels) observed with tibolone. [47] [1] They are also responsible for the androgenic side effects of tibolone in some women such as acne and increased hair growth . [3]

Mesterolone pharmacology

mesterolone pharmacology


mesterolone pharmacologymesterolone pharmacologymesterolone pharmacologymesterolone pharmacologymesterolone pharmacology