Primo 1000

Z4 er price ta about 3600 taka kom X3’er cheye. But ami still mone kori X3 is a better handset. First’e boli display ta niye, donutar identical resolution and PPI but X3 use kore Super AMOLED compared to IPS on Z4. Super AMOLED akon currently best display technology. Apne duiti handset pasha pashi rakhe use korlei bujte parben je x3’er display far better. Then boli design niye, X3’er design ami mone kori is much better than Z4, apne dunu phone ke pasha pashi rake nije judge koiren. I bet apnr X3 ta far better lagbe design wise.
I hope ami apnake kichu ta help korte parsi

Before placing an order, you might want to know what it will cost to go this route. Typical prices for concentrate are $8 to $14 per quart, $7 to $10 for pints, and $3 to $4 for 4-ounce bottles. Shipping will be expensive—count on an additional 30% to 70%, depending on how much you order and the distance. Depending on these factors, flavoring costs are likely to range from $ to $ per liter. Obviously, at the high end you won't be saving much if any money over SodaStream's flavors, once you add in the cost of sweetener; but if you can buy a few pints or quarts at a time, the total cost (concentrate plus sweetener) will fall in the $-$ range. Most or all of the ingredients will also travel less than the SodaStream bottles, and what does travel will mass less, which all adds up to being better for the environment.

Primo 1000

primo 1000


primo 1000primo 1000primo 1000primo 1000primo 1000