Primo bold stack

Located in Seattle's historic Pike Place Market for the past 30 years, John Silas, Northwest fine woodworking craftsman, has been producing one-of-a-kind pieces of highly functional art for sale there weekly.  John uses a process known as Stack Laminating to create ornate geometric patterns using as many as 10 - 15 different naturally colored domestic and exotic species per piece. Each piece is uniquely signed and dated, and presented in its own velvet carrying case with all necessary pieces included.  Please feel free to come visit his display Thursday, Friday or Saturday in the Market's North Arcade.

I saw a real jump in aggression in the gym weeks 3-4. All my repping weight has gone up and I have been pushing with super sets and dusted off the drop sets again. The pump has been incredible, I’m even pushing out some forced reps due to the increased aggression. My skin has been extra oily and I’ve noticed some bacne has started popping up the last few days. I have run lots of Dragon Pharma over the years and I have been lucky to never have had a single bad experience with them. Dragon Pharm is probably my favorite international UGL right now.

Primo bold stack

primo bold stack


primo bold stackprimo bold stackprimo bold stack