Proviron hrt

As we recommend Letrozole primarily as an on-cycle side-effect preventer most will find a dosing of -1mg every other day to be perfect and generally all the Letrozole they need to get the job done. If you are ultra-sensitive to side-effects or preparing for a bodybuilding contest 1mg every day may be in your future but this is not advised for far extended periods of time; most competitive bodybuilders will however find such dosing welcomed for approximately 10 days before a contest.

For the individual who has a Gynecomastia flare up, in order to combat this problem, as discussed Letro may be able to reverse the symptoms if it is caught early enough. In this case a dosing of per day for approximately 2-3 weeks may be warranted; however, once the symptoms clear you will need to cut back to a more standard 1mg per day dose in order to remain in healthy working function. It is important to note, if you take a large dose of Letrozole to combat early Gynecomastia and it does not clear the symptoms in a few weeks you’re either very sensitive to Gyno or the problem has set in for too long. If this is the case there isn’t a lot you can do, as Gyno will not go away on its own. For this individual we are afraid his only hope will to have the Gynecomastia surgically removed.

This is excellent information!! Thank you! I agree. My endocrinologist seemed to think the estro #s were in check. But, it seems that my body is very sensitive to hormonal levels. Small doses of test had a ridiculous anabolic affect on me (in the gym). Estro was elevated slightly but in range so my endo did nothing. So I agree with you that even though they were in range, they probably were causing my body to react in a negative way. And finally, I couldnt agree more with the comment about the extra boost from the DHT. Thanks again for the comment and response!

Proviron hrt

proviron hrt


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