Side effect of bodybuilding

Hi I’m honesty not sure what’s my issue, I am on probiotics and I do drink a lot of water and consume loads of fiber. I don’t think I’m constipated because I can poop 2-3 times a day. It also isn’t diareah. My problem is that whenever I finish pooping with ease, once I start washing my butt, litttle bita of poop keeps coming out and when I try to go back to release nothing comes out but when I start washing it again it starts coming out again. It also isn’t watery, it’s like tiny bits. I would take hours in the toilet just to clean. I’m so stressed out and have developed a phobia to go to thw toilet now. I’m starting to feel so depressed and when I do consult help, everybody keeps claiming it’s all in my mind. What am I to do? Let them watch me wash my butt or smth? Im a 19 year old going to be 20 male btw.

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Other authors suggest that the butterfly effect can be observed in quantum systems. Karkuszewski et al. consider the time evolution of quantum systems which have slightly different Hamiltonians . They investigate the level of sensitivity of quantum systems to small changes in their given Hamiltonians. [27] Poulin et al. presented a quantum algorithm to measure fidelity decay, which "measures the rate at which identical initial states diverge when subjected to slightly different dynamics". They consider fidelity decay to be "the closest quantum analog to the (purely classical) butterfly effect". [28] Whereas the classical butterfly effect considers the effect of a small change in the position and/or velocity of an object in a given Hamiltonian system , the quantum butterfly effect considers the effect of a small change in the Hamiltonian system with a given initial position and velocity. [29] [30] This quantum butterfly effect has been demonstrated experimentally. [31] Quantum and semiclassical treatments of system sensitivity to initial conditions are known as quantum chaos . [23] [29]

Side effect of bodybuilding

side effect of bodybuilding


side effect of bodybuildingside effect of bodybuildingside effect of bodybuildingside effect of bodybuildingside effect of bodybuilding