T'boli weaving

On April 1942 Mindanao, along with the rest of the Philippines, officially entered World War II after Japanese soldiers invaded key cities in the islands. [19] Many towns and cities were burned to the ground in Mindanao, most notably Davao City, Zamboanga City, Lanao, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan City, and Butuan. [20] In the months of April and May 1942, Japanese forces defeated US troops commanded by Gen. William F. Sharp and Gen. Guy O. Fort , in a battle that started at Malabang (a town close to Gandamatu Macadar, Lanao ) and ended close to the town of Ganassi, Lanao . Filipino soldiers and local guerrilla fighters were actively fighting Japanese forces until liberation at the conclusion of the Battle of Mindanao . [21]

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One observation I made during our visit at the weaving center is the structure of the house which is in rectangular shape specifically built for the production of the t’nalak. Because the length of the t’nalak can exceed over 10–meters, a long horizontal structure is needed. In addition, the t’nalak must be woven in a cool area or the fibers will snap. This is one of the reasons why most T’nalak weavers are found on the mountain side of the area where the climate is much cooler. The weaving process can take around 2 to six weeks depending on the complexity of the design.

T'boli weaving

t'boli weaving


t'boli weavingt'boli weavingt'boli weavingt'boli weavingt'boli weaving