Tbolt clamp sizes

This company ran a ratchet style rotator from two of our competitors and they lasted about a week. This was on a horizontal well. They installed one of our 4033 SG rotators. It has been 3 months and the rotator is still working. They had to pull the well because the pump stopped working. They had even wear on the rods from the top of the well to the top of the pump, approximately 10,000 feet. They have 4 to 8 guides per rod. The wear they found was on the top of the pump . “We were pleased to find even wear on the guides from the top to bottom of string.”

Within the United States, SAE International maintains Specification J1508 [1] for thirty-two different hose clamp designs, including screw, spring, and t-bolt styles. It also maintains Specification J1610 [2] for the testing the sealing of hoses. The US Army TACOM maintains Commercial Item Description (CID) A-A-52506 [3] that provides for the standardized acquisition of hose clamps by the Department of Defense ; the CID references the SAE specifications. The CID superseded Federal Specification WW-C-440 [4] for hose clamps in 1994.

Tbolt clamp sizes

t bolt clamp sizes


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