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Mehserle joined the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police in March 2007. [47] During the less than two years prior to the shooting, he had never been the subject of a sustained complaint from BART's internal affairs department. [49] Since the shooting, a Bay Area man has complained to the media that Mehserle had beaten him on November 15, 2008; Mehserle's police report said that four officers grabbed the man after he yelled threats and assumed a fighting stance. [50] The accuser was taken to the hospital for chest and facial injuries; he was later booked into jail for resisting arrest. He has not filed a formal complaint against BART. [50]

Starting out working with kids in Australia, I began to see that children and teenagers were pretty much the same no matter where. Now that we’re living in Cuenca Ecuador that lesson is relearned. Cultural differences aside, the fun and joy is contagious. Just last weekend I walked over to the church courtyard across the street. After observing and hanging back a bit, eventually taking a reserved photo or two, a bunch of the kids started plugging in and warming up. By the middle they were posing and playing, and as I started showing them the photos of them on my view screen, they were draped over me and we were off to the races with beginner Spanish and limited English conversations. By the end, we were decided to meet up again in two weeks, same spot.

Unison primo test

unison primo test


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